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Coffee with milk

For a successful start to the day: stimulating iced coffee with whole milk to create your own. This brings life to the office.




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Content: 24 cans (1,75 EUR per can)

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Milchpermeat, Vollmilch (35%), Trinkwasser, Zucker, löslicher Bohnenkaffee (1,4%), fettarmes Kakaopulver, Stabilisator: Natriumcarbonat.

Everywhere in Europe he is drunk especially in the morning with pleasure: The milk coffee, "Caffè Latte" or "Café au Lait". Especially on hot days, with similarly hot nights, in which much sleep is not to be thought of, the creamy coffee pleasure helps the next day, after a short night, to survive successfully. It is all the better if the drink is then still cooled and also carries its own design: iced coffee in deposit-free private label beverage cans.

The noble 250ml aluminum cans are printed by us within a short time with your individual design and sent to you. The cool, refreshing coffee drink is the ideal companion for the office, the home office, the next brunch or outing.

The label of the cans can be designed by you online in no time. To do this, select a template and your desired label and then click on the button "Design can layout" in the 3D Configurator. Within the configurator, you can examine your can design at any time in the 3D preview.

You can insert texts, images, shapes and backgrounds, play with colors and templates and work with multiple layers. Thanks to the easy-to-use configurator, you will be able to design your own latte drink cans within minutes. Your design will then be printed on our Premium or Basic Label.

The label for the Premium Label is a smooth, slightly glossy PE film with UV protective coating. This creates a slight high gloss with crisp colors. The Smart Label uses a less expensive PE label, which guarantees faster production and delivery time. With concise color fidelity and a classy feel, the less expensive Basic Label also puts your design exactly on the can.

Printed beverage cans, the so-called "private label drinks", are ideal as a unique gift, unusual invitation or fun party gag. Cans of latte offer the advantage of being well received in almost any environment. Printed with your design, they are a real alternative to energy drinks and co.

  • Best before: 18 month from date of bottling
  • Deposit required when used in Germany: plus €0.25 deposit per can. Germany-wide refund by return at the deposit machine. Export goods are exempt from the deposit!
  • Printing: 4/0 or 5/0 color printing, with high color brilliance
  • Can: 250ml plain can Ø: 5,3 cm, Height: 13,4 cm
  • Dimensions label: Data format: 12.6 cm x 17.8 cm

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