Click on "My account" at the top right and register. You can also do this during the ordering process.

Yes, you can also order without creating a customer account. Your delivery address etc. will then only be saved for the ordering process. Note: If you would like to use your created design again, you should create a customer account, as your design cannot be saved without a customer account.

At the moment, the payment methods PayPal, Amazon Pay, instant bank transfer (Klarna), credit card payment via PayPal or Stripe and direct debit via PayPal are available.

Our products  can be purchased in the units offered. The smallest delivery quantity is 24 cans.

Yes, there is a reorder function in your customer account. Log in and then click on "Orders" to view your previous orders. To use a design you have already created, click on the "Design can layout" button on one of the product pages while you are logged into your customer account. All your designs will then be displayed. Now you can use one of your existing layouts or create a new design.
Note: Your designs will only be saved if you have a customer account. If you placed your first order without a customer account, you will have to create your design again.

No, unfortunately this is currently not possible.

The image of your tins in the order confirmation always shows the product image from the store. This does not mean that your design has not been adopted.


As these are individualized products that have been manufactured especially for you according to your specifications, a return is only possible within the framework of the General Terms and Conditions. Sample packages and our non-individualized products are an exception. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please use our sample cancellation form.

We offer drinks with and without a deposit. Please refer to the respective product detail page below the "Design can layout" button for information on the deposit requirement.

As a rule, our products have a shelf life of at least 18 - 24 months from the date of bottling. Please refer to the product detail page under "Product information" for the respective best before date.

The energy drink, ISO drink, latte, beer, shandy and apple juice products have a capacity of 250 ml. The Hugo and Secco products hold 200 ml.


Shipping by DHL:

If the goods have been damaged by DHL shipping, please take a photo of the damage immediately and then send us an email in which you send us the photo and let us know how many cans are affected. Please do not alter the parcel in any way, but leave everything as it is. DHL will collect the parcel from you as soon as possible and submit it for certification. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Shipping by forwarding agent:

Important: Please make sure you check your goods before accepting them as undamaged. This is the only way we can claim compensation and reimburse you for the damaged goods. If the shipment has been damaged during transportation, please make a note of this on the delivery bill.

If the goods are sent by a forwarding agent, we will also make a clear and visible note of this on the delivery. A pallet sent by a forwarding agent will look like this.

Finally, please write us an email with your telephone number and details of the damaged goods. Please attach one or more photos clearly showing the damage so that we can pass this on to the delivery company. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Depending on the size of the order, the shipment may consist of several parcels. It is therefore possible that our logistics partner may make partial deliveries. Should it happen that you have only received part of your order, please wait at least 24 hours before contacting us. It sometimes happens that one package is faster than the other and one is delivered in the morning and the other in the afternoon, for example. Please contact us if this is not the case and you have not received all the goods.

With our standard production, the processing and delivery time is approx. 6 - 8 working days for the Premium Label and approx. 3 - 5 working days for the Basic Label.

For express production, the processing and delivery time is approx. 4 - 6 working days for the Premium Label and approx. 1 - 3 working days for the Basic Label.

For shipments to Austria and Switzerland, an average of 8 - 10 working days is estimated. For deliveries to the rest of Europe, delivery times of 13 - 15 working days may occur.

Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery times. Should there be any delays in delivery, please let us know.

The reduced time for express production is due to a faster processing time. We cannot guarantee the delivery time for express delivery either.

DHL delivers different parcel sizes depending on the number and maximum weight.

You will receive the goods on a one-way pallet via a forwarding agent. The day and time of delivery will be agreed with you in advance by telephone. Please provide a telephone number where you can be reached during the day when placing your order.

You will receive an email about the status of your goods (in process, shipped). For shipment tracking via DHL you will receive an email with your shipment number.

Delivery to the recipient in person will only be made after successful verification of identity and age according to the ID card presented by the DHL delivery agent or carrier. If the identity data provided by the sender differs from the ID data determined by DHL at the recipient, the shipment will be returned to the sender. For the identity and age check according to JuSchG 3,90 € will be charged to the customer in addition to the shipping costs. If you are not available, you can collect your goods from your nearest branch using the DHL bill.


To ensure that the configurator functions smoothly, please make sure that you accept cookies in your browser before using it and that you have not activated any additional programs such as AdBlocker or NoScript in your browser during the design phase.

When inserting images, please make sure that the resolution and size are sufficiently high. Unfortunately, a small image with a low resolution cannot be placed sharply on the box. The use of our can configurator will be even easier to understand if you first watch the instruction video.

Under the "Shop" menu, select the desired item and quantity, the label and the template and then click on the "Design tin layout" button. You will be redirected to our 3D tin configurator in the same window.

For the large cans it is 2102 x 1488 px, for the small cans (Hugo and Secco) it is 2055 x 1205 px.

Element "Image / Photo":

You can upload and use your own images via the "Image / Photo" element. Make sure that only the .jpg and .png image formats can be used. Make sure that the image is uploaded in a good resolution but is not too large. The image to be uploaded must not exceed 5 megabytes in size. Larger images can be uploaded, but may take a little longer depending on your internet speed.

If you have clicked on the "Upload file" button, it may take a moment for the image to load, depending on the size of the image.
Click on the uploaded image to transfer it to the template. It can be made larger and smaller, compressed and distorted, just like a text or shape element.

Insert text" element:

Click on the "Insert text" element to edit the "Drinkking" text placeholder on your selected template. Click in the text field to edit the text.

It will then appear on the template. Click on a text placeholder to be able to edit the text further. In the "Text properties" menu to your right, you can further customize the text. For example, it is possible to make the text bold, italic, underlined or a different size. It is also possible to select a different font.

In the same way, the "blue frame" around the text makes it possible to enlarge it using the mouse at one of the four corner points. The object can be stretched or compressed by dragging the four middle boxes. You can also rotate the text object by holding down the mouse button at the top point in the middle when the "cross symbol" is displayed. You also have the option of creating multiple texts in multiple formats. If you want to create a new text body, make sure that your old object is no longer selected, otherwise it will be changed again.

Form" element:

A variety of shapes and objects are integrated in the "Shapes" menu, which you can click on and then use on your layout template. You can change these in any color and gradient color via the "Colors" menu.

Background" element:

This is where you define the basis of your individual box design. Under "Background", select a color that suits you or a suitable template if you have not already selected one at the beginning of the product page.

Of course, you can reselect the template at any time if you change your mind during the design process. Click on one of the templates to insert it into your design. Depending on your internet connection, it may take a moment for the background to appear on your design.

The selected background is automatically placed over the entire size of the layout. So you don't have to adjust it any further.

Layers" element:

The various layers that make up your layout are displayed here. You can duplicate or delete each layer individually.

3D preview:

The 3D preview is constantly displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the configurator and can be minimized using the arrow in the top left-hand corner next to the 3D preview heading. The 3D preview can be enlarged using the "plus sign". If you click on the box, it can be moved back and forth with the mouse in any view. By turning the mouse wheel up or down, the can can also be zoomed in and out in the 3D preview.

The label area is blocked and intended for necessary legal information.

If you have a retailer or company account with extended functions, you will see another button on each product page under the "Design can layout" button, which can be used to easily upload finished PDFs. Here you will find our layout templates to create your design or have it created.

If you do not have a retailer or company account, but are interested in and qualified for one (you must have a trade license and act as a reseller), please register here.


A smooth, slightly glossy PE film with a protective coating is used as the label for the premium label. This produces razor-sharp colors with a shimmering high-gloss finish. A PE label made of polypropylene is used for the Basic Label. This means faster production and faster delivery times.

Our Basic Label is very suitable for smaller quantities. For larger quantities, full-surface designs, corporate customers and agencies, we recommend our Premium Label.

Premium Label Basic Label
waterproof Predominantly waterproof
Glossy lacquer finish No protective lacquer
scratch resistant Limited scratch resistance
High-gloss surface Glossy surface
Can be ordered from 96 cans Can be ordered from 24 cans

The dimensions of the overall label with ingredients are 170x120 mm (HxW) for the large cans and 170x89 mm (HxW) for the small cans (Secco and Hugo), each with the best 300dpi. The dimensions of the label without ingredients are 120x120 mm (HxW) for the large cans and 120x89 mm (HxW) for the small cans.

The dimensions of the deposit label are 47x25 mm (HxW).


If you have a voucher code, it will be activated as follows:

Select your drink, create your design and then click on "save". Once in the shopping cart, check the square box at the bottom left under "I have a voucher" and copy or write in the voucher code. Then click on the green arrow to the right of the ticked box to activate the voucher.


Despite the latest generation of state-of-the-art printing machines, slight color deviations may occur. The print result itself depends on many factors and is influenced by the paper properties of the individual manufacturers, such as the degree of whiteness and direction of printing or the surface coating. Climatic conditions, such as temperature and humidity at the printing location, also have an influence on the result.

Due to our system - the best possible utilization of our printing forms and machines - colour deviations for such reasons are within the tolerance range and do not constitute grounds for complaint. Furthermore, particularly with full-surface printing, the Basic Label may result in the formation of stripes all around with a clear contrast to the surrounding color application.

The Basic Label requires compromises and cutbacks in this respect due to the fast delivery time and customer-friendly pricing. Qualitative limitations in the printing result of the Basic Label expressly do not constitute grounds for complaint and must be accepted by the customer.

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