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Drinkking is a subsidiary of OPPTHA GmbH, which specializes in the distribution and production of beverage products. OPPTHA GmbH was founded on November 17, 2008 by two students in Abensberg with a focus on the production and distribution of image and promotional drinks.

Our plant is located in the industrial town of Neutraubling in the Danube plain of the Gäuboden region, ten kilometers east of Regensburg. Neutraubling has developed more and more into an industrial, educational, medical and shopping town, as the infrastructure of the remaining airfield facilities from the Second World War enabled rapid development into the most important industrial location in the Regensburg district with companies, some of which are of far supra-regional importance.

Today, Neutraubling is an important medium-sized center with around 13,000 inhabitants, whereby the strong entrepreneurial landscape in the areas of trade, industry, crafts and services provides work for more than 11,000 people.

We have been producing individual drinks in personal beverage cans at our Neutraubling plant since 2008.

The promotional drinks we offer are produced by us from "A" to "Z" and can be produced quickly and cost-effectively in small batches or as a large advertising campaign. We have state-of-the-art machines at our disposal that can handle even large quantities with ease. Thanks to our large storage capacities, we are also able to make deliveries at short notice in order to satisfy our end customers.

Our in-house production of promotional drinks has yet another advantage, however, as this enables us to offer you high-quality Secco, typical Austrian energy drinks, isotonic sports drinks, tangy apple spritz, creamy latte, hearty beer, refreshing shandy or the trendsetter Hugo at unrivaled prices and in first-class quality!

Would you like to impress your friends or relatives on the next occasion? Or perhaps you would like to increase your corporate identity, your turnover and your profit margin with your own image drinks? A good design idea reaches your friends or customers directly and effectively with all their senses.

If you are planning an event in the near future or would like an advertising campaign with resounding success, just give us a call or send our team an email about your advertising/marketing concerns.

We currently print the following beverage cans for you:


Uplifting energy drink in the popular 250 ml SlimLine beverage cans. Now easy as pie to design online.

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ENERGY sugar-free

Invigorating energy drink in the sugar-free variant: For a pleasure without a guilty conscience.

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Your energy drink with fruity fresh cherry flavor. The extra kick of energy in your personalized drink can.

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Coffee with milk

For a successful start to the day: stimulating iced coffee with whole milk to create your own. This brings life to the office.

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Masterfully brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, it provides a cool and at the same time individually refreshing change.

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Our new Radler: The mix of hearty beer and tangy lemon is guaranteed to provide delicious refreshment.

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Apple Spritz

Juicy apple flavor mixed with sparkling mineral water: refreshing apple spritzer in individual beverage cans.

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Your partner for sports and top performance: The constructive ISO-Sport-Drink in the elegant SlimLine can with its own design.

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ISO-Drink Red Berry

The isotonic fitness drink with red berries - personalize the can now and really get going during sports.

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Vital-Drink Mango

Your partner for sports and top performance: The vitalizing mango drink in the elegant SlimLine can with its own design.

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Sparkling cola meets fruity orange - your Colamix in the personalizable beverage can.

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Orange juice

Refreshing, fruity, delicious orange juice in cans - The classic among juices in the 200ml can now customize.

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Refreshing elderberry mixed with lime and fine sparkling wine: this is how the popular Hugo is presented in the can.

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Personalized secco cans for JGA, wedding or event. Design and print your own champagne cans.

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Whitewine sparkling

Personalised white wine spritzer cans for JGA, wedding or event. Personalise and print your own white wine spritzer cans.

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Secco Rosato

Personalized secco rosato cans for JGA, wedding or event. Design and print your own champagne cans.

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